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20 September 2008 @ 05:48 pm
You are a

Social Liberal
(76% permissive)

and an...

Economic Liberal
(20% permissive)

You are best described as a:




Link: The Politics Test on Ok Cupid
Also : The OkCupid Dating Persona Test
Random post time, to fight back that glumness that was six days ago. D:

For one... I was watching a contact juggling video on youtube, and stumbled upon a fucking -amazing- song.

Secondly: Ava out of context.

Ava (8:41:42 AM): And actually I don't ride things.
Ava (8:41:44 AM): Things ride me.
Ava (8:41:48 AM): *makes tea*
Ava (8:41:55 AM): People, actually.
Ava (8:41:57 AM): Not things.
Ava (8:42:01 AM): Things have tried.
Ava (8:42:04 AM): But I won't let them.
Ava (8:42:09 AM): That coffee table is not fucking gentle about it.

...for some reason, this tickled the shit outta me.

So, today is starting off as awesome and entertaining. Now to just head off to the school and return my last book...
22 May 2008 @ 11:42 am
I dislike dreaming. Feeling generally like shit -- I want to fight someone. I wanna fight as hard as I can, until I collapse. I want my entire body soaked in the burning pain that comes with that feeling, the knowledge that you put your all -- fuck, more than your all -- into a very specific goal. It would feel good.

Yeah, it's a shitty comeback post. Yeah, I should post more. Yeah, next post won't be this bad. No, I won't go get into a fight, I just need to bitch nonspecifically.
Current Mood: Unpleasant.
26 March 2008 @ 03:55 pm
I've come across a rather basic, selfish thought.

I want to lay down with a pretty girl cradled in my arms, singing to her.

These are the kind of thoughts that invade my mind while I walk from BMCC to the ferry listenin' to sappy love songs.
Current Music: sappy love songs
'cos I know you care and don't like to see me wallowing in my own misery 'n shit, this is what I've concluded I'll do.

You did indeed stipulate not to do anything special for a girl that you wouldn't approve of, and we both know that you're the best person in the world. D: So...

They don't really make good "valentine's for a friend" e-cards.  They're all too cheesy and corny.  So, in the absence of a card, I figured I'd write something up real quick for you, 'cos you're one of the longest-lasting friendships I've ever had. Even though I know your valentines-ness is already spoken for, you're really the only person I know of that I'd spend the effort on right now for a card or "something special" -- the only girl I know that's definitely worth it.

::hugs:: Happy Valentine's Day, Erin.  Thank you.
24 January 2008 @ 05:22 am
Cut for really long test results.Collapse ) .. Split between Heimdall and Thor. Interestingly enough, I expected Tyr to be my first result -- the god of single combat. It is of small consolation that Heimdall kills Loki (despite expiring from his wounds afterwards). Amusingly enough, I retook the quiz when I thought I lost the results, and I got this: Cut for somewhat repetitive test results.Collapse ) I'm not sure what I answered differently, but I think I'll adopt this result as my own.
15 January 2008 @ 05:43 am
So I found an old preview CD to a local band, Carnival of Souls. It's this little cheap cardboard sleeve, with a big blue sticker stating "DEBUT ALBUM DUE JULY 2001!"

I remembered liking this band for some reason or another, so I threw the CD in and popped on a track that I knew I liked, a song called "Dirty". I also knew this song had one flaw, but couldn't recall exactly what it was. Listening to it now, I can see exactly what the issue is: The bridge between the intro and the (somewhat repetitive) chorus. Lyrics to follow.

I know you feel so dirty, can't wash the pain away.
Another life turned tragic, another day of hidden pain.
Let me take your sadness... let me take your sadness all away.

Now, we're gonna tell you what you wanna hear!
Even if I lie, even if I lie to you!
It might be wrong, but it feels so right!
Wanna see him die a thousand times tonight!
There's a shadow comin' over him, and he won't be comin' here again!

And I'll make him disappear (disappear...)
as I hold you oh-so-near...
I'll make him go away!

(Repeat Chorus)

(Instrumental break)

I know you feel so dirty...
I can feel your sadness...
I'll make it go away!

(Repeat chorus x3)

And I'll make him disappear (disappear...)
as I hold you oh-so-near...
I'll make him go away!

(Remember that chorus? repeat it twice more.)

And I'll make him... and I'll make him go away!
And I'll send him... and I'll send him far away!

I know you feel so dirty, can't wash the pain away...
Let me take your sadness...
Let me take your sadness all away...

Aside from falling into a trap a lot of small, independent bands fall into -- that is, being fucking repetitive -- the bridge between the slow beginning and the rather violent-sounding middle ruins the entire message of the song. From something protective and mildly vengeful to something ... well, protective, vengeful, and deceitful. The song could be performed just fine without that bridge and be just fine.
Having filled those rather vengeful, hateful shoes, I can see where a good 90% of the song is coming from. That one line pisses me right the fuck off, though. D: Like, immediate contradiction to everything else that's good about it. Talk about missed potential. >> No wonder why the band dropped off the face of the earth.
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Current Mood: irritated.
Current Music: Dirty - Carnival of Souls
27 December 2007 @ 10:05 am
But not enough for a big, eloquent post.

It's odd. I want to write about myself -- which is a fucking freaky statement for me as it is -- but I don't have anything specific. I *HAD* an idea last night, but I didn't bother with it. It was all typed up and ready to go in an IM to Ava -- one of the awesome people from help_them_heal, which itself seems to be overrun with awesome people... but I closed the IM without sending it, because he'd since signed off. And now? I'm struck with a rather... unpleasant mood. I might let off some steam in hth. There have been a lot of positive posts, and I don't wanna mess with that, but... I dunno, I just don't feel right, and I don't want to let it out *here*. When I first posted there, the words of encouragement I got *straight off* were enough to make me value the words of the other members.

Making a note for myself, because I'm too lazy to find paper and someone told me about it in WoW: I must pick up "Why the Christian Right is Wrong" by Robin Meyers. Sounds interesting.

I'll fill this post up later with more useful stuff.
After joining help_them_heal, which is probably one of the nicest places on LJ, 've come to look at things a little differently.

So, I'm gonna try to do away with some of the negativity. It hasn't helped me in life any, and it hasn't helped the people that I care about, either.

So, the "vision" of the past is going to give way to a new one. The name remains as a reminder to those that may still harm my loved ones: While I may be trying to do away with the negativity, that does not mean that I am not the vision of death. That merely means that I'm not awash in my own fury.

I can control myself, because I am a better man.

10 November 2007 @ 04:59 am
The counterattack is about to begin.
It's cruel and it's beautiful!
Tears only get in the way,
finesse means nothing!
Come one, come all, the show's about to start!
Tragic and lovely!
Regret will only get in the way, 'cos the PLOT is such a delicate thing!