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14 February 2008 @ 07:04 am
Somethin' special for someone I know, 'cos she said.  
'cos I know you care and don't like to see me wallowing in my own misery 'n shit, this is what I've concluded I'll do.

You did indeed stipulate not to do anything special for a girl that you wouldn't approve of, and we both know that you're the best person in the world. D: So...

They don't really make good "valentine's for a friend" e-cards.  They're all too cheesy and corny.  So, in the absence of a card, I figured I'd write something up real quick for you, 'cos you're one of the longest-lasting friendships I've ever had. Even though I know your valentines-ness is already spoken for, you're really the only person I know of that I'd spend the effort on right now for a card or "something special" -- the only girl I know that's definitely worth it.

::hugs:: Happy Valentine's Day, Erin.  Thank you.