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27 December 2007 @ 10:05 am
I feel... mildly insightful...  
But not enough for a big, eloquent post.

It's odd. I want to write about myself -- which is a fucking freaky statement for me as it is -- but I don't have anything specific. I *HAD* an idea last night, but I didn't bother with it. It was all typed up and ready to go in an IM to Ava -- one of the awesome people from help_them_heal, which itself seems to be overrun with awesome people... but I closed the IM without sending it, because he'd since signed off. And now? I'm struck with a rather... unpleasant mood. I might let off some steam in hth. There have been a lot of positive posts, and I don't wanna mess with that, but... I dunno, I just don't feel right, and I don't want to let it out *here*. When I first posted there, the words of encouragement I got *straight off* were enough to make me value the words of the other members.

Making a note for myself, because I'm too lazy to find paper and someone told me about it in WoW: I must pick up "Why the Christian Right is Wrong" by Robin Meyers. Sounds interesting.

I'll fill this post up later with more useful stuff.